Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Diary Entry Nine.... School Is A Blast.

Dear Diary.

School is such a blast. True there are still kids who tease me, but I don't care. I have Cindy and Erin and all of the popular girls as friends. Even though Cindy is my best friend.... all the others only like me (I think) because I am friends with her. Plus I'm so much smarter then they are.... maybe it was the home schooling.

They wanted me to try out for cheer leading.... but with my implants I said no. I don't care, I can never see myself as a cheer leader type anyway. Especially when I want to be a doctor or something like that when I get older. I'm too smart to be a cheer leader.... By the way I got a A+ on my High Thinking exam (no big surprise).

I think it bugs some of the girls that I am so smart. But I always say I can tutor them.

Also I'm the only one with out....or who never had a boyfriend. It's not that I don't want one, because I do. But I just haven't found the right guy yet. Rislly said she heard from someone, that Kommer likes me. Kommer is not that bad of a guy, but he is way into his looks. He is always looking into a mirror and fixing his hair. Plus he is not all that nice to the girls he dates. I myself kind of like Jomb. I guess I have ever sense that first day I met him when I was seven. But I think it is more of a little girl crush then anything..... something I'll grow out of. But he is nice, and kind of cute in his own way. But he isn't among us popular kids. I guess this is a secret that only I will know.

Well got to go.... the girls will be over soon. We're having our study group. Or more like I tutor them.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Diary Entry Eight..... Several Years Later, Highshool.

Dear Diary.

Today was the first day of NORMAL school. As you know Jentry has had me in home schooling. I liked being home schooled, but she says she can't teach me anymore, now that I'm older and need higher teaching. I'm in ninth grade or a freshmen.

The teachers are really nice, and so are most of the students. But it was only my first day, I'll find out more as time goes by. I did get some strange looks by a few kids, I think I scare them.

I did make one friend. Her name is Cindy, her locker is right next to mine. And we have History and a High Thinking class together. She was really nice to me and didn't care that I had implants. She said her uncle has some too, and that they don't bother her. I was happy to have made a friend on my first day. I guess it won't be so bad going to normal school. At least there are kids my own age I can have fun with. Better then the therapy classes I have to attend were there are kids so much younger and older then me.

Well I better go. I have some homework to do and Cindy said she would call me tonight.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Diary Entry Seven.... Jomb.

Dear Diary.

I met Jomb today. He was scared of me at first... I scare a lot of Neptons, but since I am so nice, Neptons normally like me once they get used to me.

Jomb is very nice, he is seven like me. I asked him why he didn't get new arms and legs sooner. He said it was because his Mommy and Daddy didn't have the money. But now that his Daddy got a new job that paid better, he can get his arms and legs.

He was scared they would hurt. I told them they wouldn't and showed him mine. He was very interested in them. He is getting his tomorrow morning

We talked about a lot of other stuff. I talked about my life and he talked about his life. We talked for almost an hour.... then the nurse came back and got me.

It was cool talking to someone my age.... I hope I see him again.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Diary Entry Six... New boy.

Dear Diary.

There is a new boy on my floor. I think my nurse said his name was Jomb, or something like that.

I went for my walk today.... wanted to see old Mrs. Oxford. She tells some nice stories of when she was little. I wanted to see her before she went to get a new heart.

When I was coming back, I heard some crying in a room. I peaked in and seen a little boy....about my age.... with no arms or legs. That kind of scared me, so I ran back to my room.

Later when my nurse came in I asked her about him. She told me that he was born like that (no arms or legs) and that he would get the same kind of arms and legs like mine. She asked if I wanted to meet him.... I said yes.

And that is what I'm going to do tomorrow.... meet the new boy.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Diary Entry Five... New Mommy.

Dear Diary.

I am so happy.... well kind of. Jentry came and seen me today and she told me she was going to be my new Mommy. I don't have to call her Mommy though.... she is more like a big sister to me.

I asked her why she didn't tell me sooner, she said she just found out today. She told me that my Mommy and Daddy wanted her to take care of me if something happened to them. They had it written on paper.

The problem was the Elders didn't think Jentry was going to be able to take care of me, you know not being wed and all. But she proved to them that she could. She lives in a very nice house and has a good job in the Labs.

After a lot of talking to each other they agreed to let Jentry take care of me.

This is cool..... but I still miss Mommy and Daddy so much.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Diary Entry Four.... Memories

Dear Diary.

I'm feeling better now.... still miss my Mommy and Daddy a lot. But my doctor tells me missing someone is ok, but that I should remember all the fun times I had with them....that way I won't be so sad.

I want to remember the fun time but I keep on thinking of the last day together.... That was fun, until the crash.

Here is what happened.

We went to Christa to have a picnic. It was my first time on Christa and I was really excited. Neptonian was really pretty from where we had lunch. After lunch me and Mommy went to pick some Babble Berries. I was telling her how happy I was to have Jentry watch me that night. And she told me not to eat to much junk food, or stay up to late. I told her I would think about it....we then had a tickle fight. Then Daddy joined in... and Mommy ended up on top of Daddy.... and then they kissed.... ewwwww.

They then told me the story on how they met, and how they had their first kiss on Christa..... I guess it was where they had their last too.

After we started to head back to Neptonian, Daddy noticed something wrong with the part of the ship. It was acting very funny. Then the ship stopped working and Daddy told us to hang on.... and we crashed.

Mommy and Daddy died right away.... I almost did (still kind of wish I did too). I don't remember anything until a few weeks ago.... then all I remember a lot of pain. My whole body hurt.... mostly my face.

You see, I smashed up half of my face. I also lost my real arm and leg. They had to repair my mechanical ones. They told me my organs were ok because they were protected by my metal chest plate. But now both of my arms and legs are mechanical. And half of my face is a special metal/organic type stuff. Ohhh so is my bottom jaw. The only part of me that is NOT metal is half of my face, my neck, my shoulders, most of my back, and my hips. Everything else is metal.

Well I am getting sleepy... It is the medicine that does it to me. But if I didn't take my medicine I would hurt ALOT and I don't want that.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A couple months later

Dear Diary.

Sorry it has been awhile since I last wrote in here. I have been in the hospital again. I hate the hospital so much and I still have to be here for another month or so.

I miss my Mommy and Daddy so much. Why did they have to die.... I didn't even get to say good bye.

Why didn't I die... I would have if it wasn't for my implants I got before. I should be with my Mommy and Daddy, not here, not in the hospital, not in so much pain.

I'm only seven.....why me....why now.....